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Great Tit

Parus major (Linnaeus, 1758)

Большая синица

Biysk Altai region
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Common resident. Inhabits the deciduous, mixed and coniferous forests, groves and shelterbelts on plains and in mountains at altitudes up to 1300-1400 m. Pairs are formed in February-March. Breeds in separate pairs far one from another. Nest is located in tree hole (natural or bored by Woodpecker; in poplar, elm, willow, birch), in cavities of human construction, or in nest-boxes at height up to 5 m above the ground; nest is built from dry grass, rootlets and moss and is lined with plenty of hair and feathers. Clutch of 7-15 eggs is laid in mid-April to early July. Female builds nest for 4-10 days and incubates clutch for 11-14 days. Both parents feed juveniles which fledges in end of May to end of August. Female begins to lay the second clutch before 1-2 days or after 1-2 days of fledging of first offspring. Rears two broods per season, re-nesting after loss of first clutch is common. Most of the year lives in small groups of 3-10 birds.



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Джек Уилшер: А, точно! они там водятся же)


Валерий Богданович: Подскажите, пожалуйста, что за пеночка. Зарничка, но, как мне кажется, не совсем обычная.


Джек Уилшер: Какой то песочник?

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