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Anas strepera (Linnaeus, 1758)

Серая утка

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In Siberia, breeds from southern borders to the subzone of middle taiga, in some areas more north (for example, in Yakutia to Vilyuy River and middle Lena River). More common in steppe and forest-steppe.


Common breeding migrant, locally abundant. Inhabits steppe, desert and forested lakes or rivers, prefers reservoirs with reed and mace beds, both on plains and in mountains up to 2000 m. Appears usually in late April. Migrates in small flocks of up to three dozens birds, often with other ducks. Nest is built near the shore, but sometimes up to 2 km from water. Breeds in separate pairs, but sometimes on small islands in congregations of 15-20 pairs with nests 5-20 m distance from each other have been observed. Nest is a shallow hollow on the ground, lined with dry grass stems and down under canopy of grass or bush, and very rarely among reed-beds. Clutches of 5-11 eggs end April – late June. Female incubates 27-28 days. Juveniles hatch late May – mid-July, and begin to fly end July – late August. A repetitive clutch is common after loss of first breeding attempt (late broods recorded end September – early October). After females begin to incubate males gather in flocks and flying to moult on shallow steppe lakes (from end May, mainly June – July). Autumn migration not well marked, and birds move off in September – first 10 days of October; in southern areas migration begins in mid-August, mainly September – October. Latest records in end October.


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