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Dusky Warbler

Phylloscopus fuscatus (Blyth, 1842)

Бурая пеночка

Chibitka River, Altai Republic.
© Sergey Pisarevskiy


Rare breeding migrant. Inhabits highland with pygmy birch thickets at 1100-2000 m. On migration visits reed-beds and shelter-belts. Appears in mid-April – early May, on Big Almaty lake singing male recorded 27 April 2000, near Tashkent one bird shot 12 May. Breeding in separate pairs. Nest is built in bush (birch, willow) close to ground from the dry grass lined with feathers. Clutches of 4-6 eggs in end June, juveniles fledge in end July. In autumn in Bukhtarma valley recorded in mid-September, near Semipalatinsk 5 October 1922, two birds caught on Sorbulak lake 23 September 1984, and three singles at Chokpak Pass 29 September, 6 and 7 October 2000. Nearby of Tashkent one bird shot 10 October.



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Игорь Фефелов: Клюв тоже вполне бывает у фифи такой. По толщине/форме он такой у молодых (хотя обычно короче), по длине - у самок. Так что вариант молодого с [....]


Сергей Л. Волков: Может быть, тростниковая камышевка, она там, оказывается, есть. Мне по такому снимку не определить.


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