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2023-12-08. Elena Bobachenko: Pine Grosbeak, Northern Bullfinch, Mihail Ivanov: Upland Buzzard, Olga Kolotilina: Pied Flycatcher, Common Sparrowhawk, Pallas's Rosefinch, Brambling, Grey Wagtail, Red-backed Shrike, Northern Wheatear, Red Crossbill, Godlewski's Bunting, Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush, Isabelline Shrike, Daurian Jackdaw, Eurasian Jackdaw, Common Pochard, Black-headed Gull, Eurasian Dipper, Desert Wheatear, Hoopoe, Carrion Crow, Black-Necked Grebe, Great White Egret, Sky Lark, Red-crested Pochard, Slavonian Grebe, Greater Sand Plover, Common Redshank, Tufted Duck, Arctic Loon, Dunlin, Green Sandpiper, Garganey, Pied Avocet, Northern Pintail, Temminck's Stint, Brown Accentor, Himalayan Accentor, Merlin, Little Owl, Rock Sparrow, Red-billed Chough, Little Stint, Pére David's Snowfinch, Kentish Plover, White-winged Snowfinch, Steppe Eagle, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Cinereous Vulture, Common Teal, Barn Swallow, Great Snipe, Steppe Eagle, Upland Buzzard, Northern Lapwing, Lammergeier, Lesser Kestrel, Meadow Bunting, Spotted Flycatcher, Sergey Chumakov: White's Thrush.

2023-12-07. Mihail Ivanov: Eurasian Dipper, Natalia Vorobyova: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nina Shteinbrenner: Red-throated Pipit, Red-throated Pipit, Victor Khamin: Redwing.

2023-12-06. Aleksey Bolshakov: Pine Grosbeak, Mallard, Eurasian Dipper, Ekaterina Shichkova: White's Thrush, Maxim Afanasiev: Vega Gull, Mihail Ivanov: Northern Bullfinch, Nina Shteinbrenner: Pacific Golden Plover, Dusky Warbler, Sergey Chumakov: White's Thrush.

2023-12-05. Nadia Goncharova: Grey-headed Goldfinch, Nina Shteinbrenner: Spotted Crake, Dunlin, Ruff, Ruff, Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Olga Fattakhova: Tree Sparrow, Baikal Bullfinch, Bohemian Waxwing, Rough-legged Buzzard, Victor Khamin: Common Cuckoo, Common Cuckoo, Common Cuckoo, Common Cuckoo, Common Cuckoo, Common Cuckoo, Common Cuckoo, Oriental Cuckoo, Oriental Cuckoo, Oriental Cuckoo.

2023-12-04. Katya Tsekhmister: Temminck's Stint, Nina Shteinbrenner: Black Woodpecker, Baikal Bullfinch, Merlin, Ural Owl, Snowy Owl, Northern Grey Shrike, Pine Grosbeak, Pine Grosbeak, Saker Falcon, Saker Falcon, Yellow-billed Chough, Golden Eagle, Whooper Swan, Mallard, Goldcrest, Little Bunting, Lapland Longspur, Vladimir Pankratov: White-Backed Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Long-tailed Rosefinch.

2023-12-03. Dmitry Dubikovskiy: Bohemian Waxwing, Elena Bobachenko: Dusky Thrush, Igor Kuzmin: Tree Pipit, Redwing, Tree Pipit, Black-Billed Magpie, European Greenfinch, Tree Sparrow, Fieldfare, Rock Pigeon, House Sparrow, Eurasian Jackdaw, Black-Billed Magpie, Hooded Crow, Black-Billed Magpie, Fieldfare, Eurasian Goldfinch, Eurasian Nuthatch, Common Chaffinch, Eurasian Siskin, Green Sandpiper, Common Chaffinch, Black Kite, Common Buzzard, Fieldfare, Great Tit, Fieldfare, Great Tit, Brambling, Song Thrush, Common Chaffinch, Mallard, Rock Pigeon, Rock Pigeon, Black-Billed Magpie, Eurasian Jackdaw, Fieldfare, Fieldfare, Common Chiffchaff, Tree Sparrow, Barn Swallow, House Sparrow, Common Starling, Common Starling, Common Starling, White Wagtail, House Sparrow, Fieldfare, Common Stonechat, Common Stonechat, House Sparrow, Maksim Volkov: Northern Black Grouse, Mishail Belousow: Siberian Black-backed Gull, Vjacheslav Liutin: Ural Owl.

2023-12-02. Andrey Borodkin: Northern Grey Shrike, Igor Kuzmin: Northern Pintail, Northern Shoveler, House Sparrow, Eurasian Wigeon, Sand Martin, White Wagtail, House Sparrow, Hooded Crow, Hooded Crow, House Sparrow, House Sparrow, Rock Pigeon, Tree Sparrow, House Sparrow, House Sparrow, Great Tit, Common Raven, Brambling, Tufted Duck, Black-Billed Magpie, White Wagtail, European Greenfinch, Great Tit, Bohemian Waxwing, Bohemian Waxwing, Common Chaffinch, Bohemian Waxwing, Great Tit, Common Chaffinch, Eurasian Jackdaw, Mallard, Hooded Crow, Fieldfare, Black-Billed Magpie, Eurasian Jackdaw, Siberian Black-backed Gull, Common Pochard, Mallard, Siberian Black-backed Gull, Bluethroat, Rock Pigeon, Common Chaffinch, Tree Pipit, Maxim Afanasiev: Great Tit, Nadia Goncharova: Eurasian Three-Toed Woodpecker, Olga Fattakhova: Marsh Tit, Eurasian Nuthatch, Eurasian Jay, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Willow Tit, Vjacheslav Liutin: Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Northern Bullfinch.

2023-12-01. Anna Vasilchenko: White-Backed Woodpecker, Baikal Bullfinch, Igor Fefelov: Grey Plover, Jura Janke: Eurasian Nuthatch, House Sparrow, Hawfinch, Northern Bullfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Tit, Mihail Ivanov: Azure-winged Magpie, Fieldfare, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Olga Fattakhova: Hawfinch, Common Redpoll, Bohemian Waxwing, Black-Billed Magpie, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Mallard, Common Goldeneye.

2023-11-30. Elena Kleymenova: Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Spotted Nutcracker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Elena Shnayder: Glaucous Gull, Irina Kruglova: Bohemian Waxwing, Natalia Vorobyova: Common Redpoll, Baikal Bullfinch, Vasily Stashiba: Willow Tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Common Treecreeper.

2023-11-29. Ekaterina Shichkova: Long-tailed Rosefinch, Northern Bullfinch, Elena Kleymenova: Tufted Duck, Irina Kruglova: Eurasian Dipper, Mihail Ivanov: Pine Grosbeak, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Vladimir Kuzmin: Great Tit, Coal Tit, Willow Tit, Spotted Nutcracker, Great Spotted Woodpecker.

2023-11-28. Aleksey Bolshakov: Pine Grosbeak, Common Goldeneye, Igor Fefelov: Northern Goshawk, Carrion Crow, Meadow Bunting, Mihail Ivanov: Eurasian Dipper, Natalia Vorobyova: Pine Grosbeak, Eurasian Siskin, Vladimir Kuzmin: Willow Tit, Siberian Tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Coal Tit.

2023-11-27. Aleksey Bolshakov: Azure Tit, Common Redpoll, Yellowhammer, Elena Kleymenova: Grey Heron, Common Goldeneye, Smew, Greater Scaup, Elena Shnayder: Merlin, Irina Kruglova: Common Redpoll, Nadejda Popova: Siberian Accentor, Meadow Bunting, Oleg Davydov: Pine Grosbeak, Willow Tit, Eurasian Nuthatch, Willow Tit, Olga Fattakhova: Northern Bullfinch, Eurasian Nuthatch, Common Redpoll, Great Tit, Marsh Tit, Eurasian Pygmy-Owl, Eurasian Jay, Tatiana Semenova: Northern Bullfinch, Vladimir Pankratov: Baikal Bullfinch.

2023-11-26. Andrey Chernykh: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Ekaterina Shichkova: Northern Hazelhen, Victor Khamin: Hybrid Bunting, Vladimir Pankratov: Northern Bullfinch, Eurasian Goldfinch, Common Redpoll, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker.

2023-11-25. Ekaterina Shichkova: Ural Owl, Katya Tsekhmister: Booted Warbler, Pavel Karplyuk: Godlewski's Bunting, Grey-headed Goldfinch, Pallas's Rosefinch, Pallas's Rosefinch, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Northern Hazelhen, Victor Khamin: Buff-bellied Pipit, Eyebrowed Thrush, Asian Short-toed Lark, Tufted Duck, Black Stork, Caspian Tern.

2023-11-24. Andrey Borodkin: Pine Grosbeak, Northern Bullfinch, Anna Vasilchenko: Marsh Tit, Northern Black Grouse, Snow Bunting, Black-Billed Magpie, Katya Tsekhmister: Sand Martin, Coal Tit, Eurasian Nuthatch, Great Tit, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nadia Goncharova: Common Chaffinch, Common Chaffinch, Victor Khamin: Demoiselle Crane, Common Chaffinch, Greater White-fronted Goose, Common Pochard, Buff-bellied Pipit, Vladimir Maer: Whooper Swan.

2023-11-23. Anna Vasilchenko: Upland Buzzard, Elena Shnayder: Steppe Eagle, Maxim Afanasiev: Northern Bullfinch, Oleg Davydov: Black Woodpecker, Tatyana Archimaeva: Northern Pintail, Victor Khamin: Rook, Merlin, Common Stonechat, Vladimir Pankratov: Pine Grosbeak.

2023-11-22. Mihail Ivanov: Smew, Vega (Mongolian) Gull, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Sergey Chumakov: Bean Goose, Vladimir Pankratov: Hen Harrier, Lesser Short-toed Lark, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Azure Tit.

2023-11-21. Andrey Bazdyrev: Bean Goose, Elena Kleymenova: Brown Shrike, Irina Kruglova: Wood Sandpiper, Siberian Rubythroat, Daurian Partridge, Jura Janke: Hawfinch, Sergey Chumakov: European Greenfinch.

2023-11-20. Aleksey Bolshakov: Pine Grosbeak, Daurian Partridge, Ekaterina Shichkova: Snow Bunting, Irina Kruglova: Mallard, Marina Borovskaya: Common Goldeneye, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Black-throated Thrush, Hawfinch, Eurasian Nuthatch, Willow Tit, Bohemian Waxwing, Black-Billed Magpie, Great Tit, Mallard, Tree Sparrow, Nadejda Popova: Merlin, Nadia Goncharova: Brambling, Eurasian Siskin, Natalia Vorobyova: Black-headed Gull, Vasily Stashiba: Mallard, Vladimir Maer: Black Woodpecker, Great Grey Shrike, Vladimir Pankratov: Eurasian Siskin, Common Treecreeper, Common Redpoll, Lapland Longspur.

2023-11-19. Aleksei Kungurov: Yellowhammer, Aleksey Bolshakov: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Elena Kleymenova: Hen Harrier, Eurasian Wigeon, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Brown Shrike, Northern Hazelhen, Horned Lark, Northern Wheatear, Irina Kruglova: Marsh Tit, Marsh Tit, Taiga Flycatcher, Asian Brown Flycatcher, Yellow-browed Warbler, Coal Tit, Marsh Tit, Grey Wagtail, Common Greenshank, Northern Wheatear, Common Gull, Northern House Martin, Mallard, Tufted Duck, Mallard, Masked Wagtail, Ruff, Tufted Duck, Jura Janke: Common Sparrowhawk, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Common Raven, Common Raven, Konstantin Davydik: Pine Grosbeak, Marina Borovskaya: Upland Buzzard, Goosander, Common Goldeneye, Bohemian Waxwing, Mallard, Carrion Crow, Grey Heron, Mihail Ivanov: Upland Buzzard, Natalia Vorobyova: Red Crossbill, Ural Owl, Sergey Chumakov: Snow Bunting, Tatiana Semenova: Bohemian Waxwing.

2023-11-18. Andrey Chernykh: Greater White-fronted Goose, Great Crested Grebe, Elena Shnayder: Blyth's Pipit, Northern Wheatear, Ortolan Bunting, Little Owl, Nadia Goncharova: Rustic Bunting, Vladimir Kuzmin: Coal Tit, Vladimir Pankratov: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Pine Bunting, Common Treecreeper.

2023-11-17. Aleksey Bolshakov: Goosander, Willow Tit, Igor Fefelov: Black-Billed Magpie, Jura Janke: House Sparrow, Great Tit, House Sparrow, Tree Sparrow, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Eurasian Nuthatch, Great Tit, House Sparrow, Great Tit, House Sparrow, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Eurasian Nuthatch, Great Tit, Mihail Ivanov: Common Gull, Pine Grosbeak, Nadejda Popova: Red-flanked Bluetail, Olga Fattakhova: Common Redpoll, Azure Tit, Common Redpoll, Bohemian Waxwing, Sergey Chumakov: Grey-Headed Woodpecker.

2023-11-16. Andrey Bazdyrev: Altai Snowcock, Hill Pigeon, Brown Accentor, Pére David's Snowfinch, Horned Lark, Cinereous Vulture, Golden Eagle, Black-Billed Magpie, Carrion Crow, Tree Sparrow, Yellow-billed Chough, Lammergeier, Elena Kleymenova: Red-throated Pipit, Grey Plover, Temminck's Stint, Evgeny Karachakov: Common Chiffchaff, Mihail Ivanov: Smew, Nadejda Popova: Pallas's Warbler, Nina Shteinbrenner: Golden Eagle, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Common Sparrowhawk, Grey Plover, Vladimir Maer: Snowy Owl.

2023-11-15. Andrey Bazdyrev: Brambling, Rock Pigeon, Red Crossbill, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Brown Accentor, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Red-billed Chough, Brown Accentor, Brown Accentor, Horned Lark, Pére David's Snowfinch, European Greenfinch, White-winged Snowfinch, White-winged Snowfinch, Rock Sparrow, White-winged Snowfinch, Red-billed Chough, Horned Lark, Irina Kruglova: Upland Buzzard, Eastern Marsh-harrier, Upland Buzzard, Amur Falcon, Common Snipe, Common Greenshank, Common Greenshank, Pacific Golden Plover, Black-tailed Godwit, White-throated Needletail, Olive-backed Pipit, Nadejda Popova: Water Pipit, Common Sparrowhawk, Sergey Chumakov: Bean Goose, Valerii Bogdanovich: Coal Tit, Baikal Bullfinch, Baikal Bullfinch, Common Redpoll, Pine Grosbeak, Victor Khamin: Upland Buzzard, Vladimir Pankratov: Lapland Longspur, Common Sparrowhawk, Pine Bunting, Great Grey Shrike, Northern Wheatear.

2023-11-14. Aleksei Kungurov: Common Raven, Andrey Borodkin: Eurasian Dipper, Andrey Chernykh: Alpine Accentor, Anna Vasilchenko: Northern Bullfinch, Elena Kleymenova: Barn Swallow, Wood Sandpiper, Common Snipe, Northern Shoveler, Western Marsh-harrier, Red-necked Phalarope, Spotted Redshank, Ruff, Green Sandpiper, Curlew Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Temminck's Stint, Peregrine Falcon, Green Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper, Terek Sandpiper, Greater Ringed Plover, Merlin, Ruff, Black-tailed Godwit, Nina Shteinbrenner: Eurasian Pygmy-Owl, Northern Grey Shrike, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Red-throated Thrush, Redwing, Fieldfare, Black-throated Thrush, Great Rosefinch, Great Rosefinch, Common Raven, Red-billed Chough, Meadow Bunting, Twite, Snow Bunting, Northern Grey Shrike, Northern Bullfinch, Cinereous Vulture, Daurian Partridge, Daurian Partridge, Daurian Partridge, Daurian Partridge, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Wood Pigeon, Lammergeier, Brown Accentor, European Greenfinch, Rock Sparrow, Tree Sparrow, Merlin, Victor Khamin: Water Pipit, Vladimir Kuzmin: Common Raven.

2023-11-13. Andrey Borodkin: Northern Grey Shrike, Anna Vasilchenko: Northern Bullfinch, Eurasian Jay, Rough-legged Buzzard, Pine Grosbeak, Common Raven, Irina Kruglova: Northern Bullfinch, Eurasian Goldfinch, Grey-headed Goldfinch, Rock Pigeon, Eurasian Siskin, Red Crossbill, Eurasian Jay, Nina Shteinbrenner: Common Treecreeper, Oleg Davydov: Ural Owl, Great Tit, Sergey Chumakov: Eurasian Jay, Victor Khamin: Oriental Stork.

2023-11-12. Igor Fefelov: Goosander, Common Goldeneye, Vega (Mongolian) Gull, Mallard, Black-Billed Magpie, Katya Tsekhmister: Great White Egret, Coal Tit, Azure Tit, Konstantin Kisloy: Siberian Jay, Siberian Jay, Siberian Jay, Great Tit, Willow Tit, Nadezhda Orlova: Eurasian Jay, Eurasian Nuthatch, Willow Tit, Red-billed Chough, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Tufted Duck, Sergey Chumakov: Song Thrush, Tatiana Semenova: Eurasian Pygmy-Owl, Horned Lark, Victor Khamin: Chestnut-cheeked Starling.

2023-11-11. Andrey Chernykh: Sky Lark, Eurasian Pygmy-Owl, Igor Latysh: Bearded Tit, Irina Kruglova: Rook, Vitaly&Nataly Kravchenko: Azure-winged Magpie, Pine Grosbeak, Vjacheslav Liutin: White-Backed Woodpecker.

2023-11-10. Andrey Chernykh: Pine Grosbeak, Pallas's Rosefinch, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Brown Accentor, Pére David's Snowfinch, White-winged Snowfinch, Altai Snowcock, Golden Eagle, Cinereous Vulture, Yellow-billed Chough, Great Rosefinch, Lammergeier, Brandt's Rosefinch, Natalia Vorobyova: Pine Grosbeak, Pine Grosbeak, Victor Khamin: Chestnut-cheeked Starling, Willow Tit.

2023-11-09. Anna Vasilchenko: Golden Eagle, Horned Lark, Irina Kruglova: Rough-legged Buzzard, Red Crossbill, Eurasian Three-Toed Woodpecker, Goldcrest, Pine Grosbeak, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Mugimaki Flycatcher, Vega (Mongolian) Gull, Goosander, Ruddy Turnstone, Rufous-necked Stint, Rufous-necked Stint, Rufous-necked Stint, White Wagtail, Vega (Mongolian) Gull, Great Cormorant, Peregrine Falcon, Common Sandpiper, Little Ringed Plover, Common Pochard, Red-breasted Merganser, Common Tern, Common Teal, Peregrine Falcon, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Pacific Golden Plover, Rufous-necked Stint, Great Cormorant, Pacific Golden Plover, Common Tern, Temminck's Stint, Sanderling, Common Tern, Black-headed Gull, Sanderling, Grey-tailed Tattler, Chestnut-eared Bunting, Mihail Ivanov: Pine Grosbeak, Common Redpoll, Common Gull, Common Treecreeper, Northern Bullfinch, Ural Owl, Fieldfare, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Marsh Tit, Common Kestrel, Azure-winged Magpie, Victor Khamin: Pallas's Reed Bunting, Black-throated Thrush, Naumann's Thrush, Vladimir Maer: Eurasian Dipper, Snow Bunting.

2023-11-08. Denis Doroshenko: Azure-winged Magpie, Ekaterina Shichkova: Long-tailed Rosefinch, Mihail Ivanov: Rough-legged Buzzard, Nadezhda Bogomyakova: Snowy Owl, Common Redpoll, Natalia Vorobyova: Eurasian Jay, Eurasian Jay, Tatiana Semenova: Northern Bullfinch, Common Redpoll, Vitaly&Nataly Kravchenko: Ural Owl.

2023-11-07. Elena Kleymenova: Eversmann's Redstart, Upland Buzzard, Upland Buzzard, Great Cormorant, Lesser Kestrel, Eastern Buzzard, Pied Wheatear, Nadia Goncharova: Northern Goshawk, Common Pochard, Rough-legged Buzzard, Bearded Tit, Natalia Vorobyova: Hawfinch, Ural Owl, Vasily Stashiba: Eurasian Nuthatch, Willow Tit, Common Redpoll, Eurasian Goldfinch.

2023-11-06. Elena Kleymenova: Black Woodpecker, Konstantin Kisloy: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Common Raven, Siberian Tit, Siberian Tit, Siberian Tit, Eurasian Nuthatch, Eurasian Nuthatch, Eurasian Nuthatch, Nikita Yablokov: Bearded Tit, Daurian Partridge, Olga Fattakhova: Bohemian Waxwing, Sergey Chumakov: Rough-legged Buzzard, Vasily Stashiba: Rough-legged Buzzard, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Long-tailed Rosefinch, European Greenfinch, White-tailed Sea-Eagle.

2023-11-05. Denis Doroshenko: Cinereous Vulture, Whooper Swan, Dmitry Dubikovskiy: Grey Partridge, Rough-legged Buzzard, Konstantin Kisloy: Spotted Nutcracker, Eurasian Nuthatch, Eurasian Three-Toed Woodpecker, Maxim Afanasiev: Short-eared Owl, Northern Hawk Owl, Nadia Goncharova: Rough-legged Buzzard, Daurian Partridge, Pine Grosbeak, Nikita Yablokov: Pine Grosbeak, Pavel Karplyuk: Snow Bunting, Snow Bunting, Snow Bunting, Tatiana Semenova: Siberian Accentor.

2023-11-04. Alexey Denisov: Daurian Redstart, Brambling, Pine Bunting, Pallas's Rosefinch, Elena Bobachenko: Snow Bunting, Baikal Bullfinch, Jura Janke: White-Backed Woodpecker, Sergey Chumakov: Eversmann's Redstart, Vladimir Kuzmin: Red Crossbill, White-winged Crossbill.

2023-11-03. Maria Demina: Bearded Tit, Maxim Afanasiev: Northern Bullfinch.

2023-11-02. Tatiana Semenova: Hawfinch, Victor Khamin: Long-tailed Rosefinch, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Common Redpoll, Common Redpoll, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Common Redpoll, Common Redpoll, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Azure Tit, Azure Tit, Azure Tit, Pine Bunting.

2023-11-01. Irina Kruglova: Arctic Warbler, Rustic Bunting, Grey-headed Goldfinch, Eurasian Blackbird, Hawfinch, Rodi Vakhrushev: Baikal Bullfinch, Bohemian Waxwing, Common Goldeneye, Red Crossbill, Valerii Bogdanovich: Common Sparrowhawk, Northern Bullfinch, Willow Tit, Little Grebe, Common Pochard, Goosander, Common Coot, Barn Swallow, Bearded Tit, Azure Tit, Northern Reed Bunting, Pallas's Reed Bunting, Common Gull, Vladimir Pankratov: Brambling, Long-tailed Tit.

2023-10-31. Aleksey Bolshakov: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Elena Kleymenova: Brambling, Red-flanked Bluetail, Red-flanked Bluetail, Hume's Warbler, Red-throated Thrush, White-winged Scoter, Black Redstart, Black Redstart, Black Redstart, Daurian Jackdaw, Black Kite, Horned Lark, Upland Buzzard, Rock Sparrow, Tufted Duck, Grey Heron, Igor Fefelov: Vega (Mongolian) Gull, Eurasian Goldfinch, Irina Kruglova: Black-tailed Godwit, Eastern Marsh-harrier, Northern Reed Bunting, Yellow-breasted Bunting, Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Asian Short-toed Lark, Mongolian Lark, Temminck's Stint, Azure-winged Magpie, Chestnut-eared Bunting, Common Rosefinch, Tatiana Semenova: Baikal Bullfinch, Vladimir Pankratov: Red-crested Pochard, Great Crested Grebe, Bluethroat, Hume's Warbler, Hoopoe, Hume's Warbler, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Tawny Pipit, Carrion Crow, Ortolan Bunting, Tawny Pipit.

2023-10-30. Alexandr Kovalevskiy: Eurasian Nuthatch, Great Tit, House Sparrow, Dmitry Dubikovskiy: Rough-legged Buzzard, Coal Tit, Willow Tit, Azure Tit, Eurasian Pygmy-Owl, Elena Bobachenko: Rough-legged Buzzard, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Eurasian Pygmy-Owl, Elena Kleymenova: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Water Pipit, Great Cormorant, Ruddy Shelduck, Whooper Swan, Vega Gull, Pallid Harrier, Merlin, Nikita Yablokov: Rough-legged Buzzard, Tatiana Semenova: Willow Tit, Eurasian Nuthatch, Eurasian Jay, Vladimir Kulikov: Rough-legged Buzzard, Vladimir Pankratov: Hill Pigeon, Red-billed Chough, Slavonian Grebe, Arctic Loon, Tufted Duck, Great White Egret, Isabelline Shrike, Tawny Pipit, Tawny Pipit, Western Marsh-harrier, Curlew Sandpiper, Little Stint.

2023-10-29. Anastasia Klueva: Common Rosefinch, Andrey Borodkin: House Sparrow, Andrey Chernykh: Mistle Thrush, Northern Black Grouse, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Elena Kleymenova: Pallas's Sandgrouse, Pallas's Sandgrouse, Pallas's Sandgrouse, Red-billed Chough, Red-crested Pochard, Hera Iceberg: Azure Tit, Steppe Eagle, Mute Swan, Black-headed Gull, Jura Janke: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Black Woodpecker, Northern Bullfinch, Eurasian Goldfinch, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Spotted Nutcracker, Common Redpoll, Common Redpoll, Common Redpoll, Common Redpoll, Common Redpoll, Common Redpoll, Common Redpoll, Common Redpoll, Katya Tsekhmister: House Sparrow, Willow Tit, Great Grey Owl, Nadia Goncharova: Meadow Bunting, Meadow Bunting, Victor Khamin: Red-throated Thrush, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Bohemian Waxwing, Eurasian Jay, Marsh Tit, Pallas's Rosefinch, Long-tailed Tit, Azure-winged Magpie, Hawfinch, Northern Bullfinch, Daurian Jackdaw, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Rock Pigeon, Black-Billed Magpie, Azure Tit, Pallas's Rosefinch, Vladimir Kuzmin: White-winged Crossbill.

2023-10-28. Andrey Borodkin: Garganey, Konstantin Kisloy: Siberian Black-backed Gull, Greater Scaup, Great Grey Shrike, Rough-legged Buzzard, Black Kite, Maria Demina: Pallas's Gull, Bewick's Swan, Nadia Goncharova: Azure Tit, Rough-legged Buzzard, Snow Bunting, Natalia Vorobyova: Common Gull, Black-headed Gull, Carrion Crow, Oleg Davydov: Northern Bullfinch, Vjacheslav Liutin: Willow Tit, Eurasian Jay.

2023-10-27. Oleg Davydov: Hawfinch, Eurasian Nuthatch, Common Stonechat, Great Tit, Victor Khamin: Eurasian Jay, Red-throated Thrush, Baikal Bullfinch, Carrion Crow, Eurasian Collared Dove, Black-Billed Magpie, Daurian Jackdaw, Marsh Tit, Bohemian Waxwing, Fieldfare, Azure-winged Magpie, Hawfinch, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Brambling, Cinereous Vulture, Vladimir Kuzmin: Great Grey Shrike, Vladimir Pankratov: Booted Warbler, Eurasian Curlew, Whooper Swan, Bar-headed Goose, Isabelline Shrike, Pacific Golden Plover, Terek Sandpiper, Common Redshank, Horned Lark, Black-tailed Godwit.

2023-10-26. Aleksey Bolshakov: Upland Buzzard, Eurasian Goldfinch, Alexander Popov: Ural Owl, Black-throated Thrush, Common Goldeneye, Northern Hazelhen, Andrey Bazdyrev: Peregrine Falcon, Merlin, Black-throated Accentor, Cinereous Vulture, Steppe Eagle, Yellow-billed Chough, Brandt's Rosefinch, Lammergeier, Daurian Jackdaw, Daurian Jackdaw, Spotted Nutcracker, Common Treecreeper, Northern Wheatear, Common Teal, Common Pochard, Rustic Bunting, Eurasian Nuthatch, Rustic Bunting, Black Redstart, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Yellowhammer, Hybrid Bunting, Katya Tsekhmister: Black Woodpecker, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Nadia Goncharova: Western Capercaillie, Svetlana Vasilkova: Brown Accentor, Golden Eagle, Mongolian Lark, Common Redshank, Red-throated Thrush, Marsh Sandpiper, Common Stonechat, Vladimir Pankratov: Temminck's Stint, Bar-headed Goose, Red-necked Phalarope, Little Stint, Lesser Whitethroat, Peregrine Falcon, Terek Sandpiper, Upland Buzzard, Bluethroat.

2023-10-25. Katya Tsekhmister: Long-tailed Tit, Azure Tit, Mallard, White-Backed Woodpecker, Nadejda Popova: Western Capercaillie, Svetlana Vasilkova: Common Gull, Relict Gull, Black-winged Stilt, Great Bustard, Japanese Sparrowhawk, Saker Falcon, Common Shelduck, Pied Harrier, Swan Goose, Greylag Goose, Tatiana Semenova: Pallas's Rosefinch, Victor Khamin: Bohemian Waxwing, Eurasian Nuthatch, Long-tailed Tit, White-cheeked Starling, Eurasian Jay, Azure-winged Magpie, Bohemian Waxwing, Baikal Bullfinch, Meadow Bunting, Northern Bullfinch, Eurasian Collared Dove, Bohemian Waxwing, Baikal Bullfinch, Black-Billed Magpie, Daurian Jackdaw, Naumann's Thrush, Hawfinch, Northern Bullfinch, Eurasian Jay, Brambling, House Sparrow, White-cheeked Starling, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Vladimir Maer: Common Coot.

2023-10-24. Andrey Bazdyrev: Daurian Jackdaw, Daurian Jackdaw, Hill Pigeon, Red-billed Chough, Eversmann's Redstart, Saker Falcon, Eurasian Redstart, Brown Accentor, Tree Pipit, Water Pipit, Rock Sparrow, Rock Sparrow, Tree Sparrow, Tree Sparrow, Hill Pigeon, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Mongolian Finch, Hume's Warbler, Elena Kleymenova: Steppe Eagle, Richard's Pipit, Maxim Afanasiev: Northern Hawk Owl, Sergey Chumakov: Western Capercaillie, Svetlana Vasilkova: Harlequin Duck, Common Gull, Arctic Loon, Arctic Loon, Northern Wheatear, Northern Hawk Owl, White's Thrush, Amur Falcon, Taiga Flycatcher, Daurian Partridge, Hooded Crane, White-naped Crane, Greylag Goose, Pallas's Sandgrouse, Victor Khamin: Red Crossbill, Common Pheasant, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker.

2023-10-23. Andrey Borodkin: Pine Grosbeak, Common Redpoll, Anna Vasilchenko: Eurasian Siskin, Elena Kleymenova: Spotted Flycatcher, Citrine Wagtail, Horned Lark, Isabelline Wheatear, House Sparrow, Grey Heron, Eurasian Linnet, Tufted Duck, Smew, Bar-headed Goose, Water Pipit, Pacific Golden Plover, Pacific Golden Plover, Oleg Popov: Common Treecreeper, Olga Fattakhova: Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Marsh Tit, Coal Tit, Willow Tit, White-Backed Woodpecker, Sergey Chumakov: Western Capercaillie, Svetlana Vasilkova: Siberian Jay, Tatiana Semenova: House Sparrow, Victor Khamin: Common Starling, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Bohemian Waxwing, Daurian Jackdaw, Baikal Bullfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Eurasian Jay, Hawfinch, Baikal Bullfinch, Eurasian Nuthatch, Red Crossbill, Common Redpoll, Fieldfare, White-cheeked Starling, Vladimir Maer: Little Owl.

2023-10-22. Andrey Borodkin: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Elena Bobachenko: Ural Owl, Igor Fefelov: Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Buzzard, Daurian Partridge, Rough-legged Buzzard, Grey Heron, Upland Buzzard, Grey Heron, Jura Janke: Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Buzzard, Blue Tit, Long-tailed Tit, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Eurasian Goldfinch, Nikita Yablokov: Little Gull, Northern Pintail, Eurasian Wigeon, Victor Khamin: Northern Bullfinch, Pine Grosbeak, Eurasian Jay, Common Redpoll, Red-throated Thrush, Common Starling, Eurasian Collared Dove, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Azure-winged Magpie, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Eurasian Nuthatch, Black-Billed Magpie, White-cheeked Starling, Meadow Bunting, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Daurian Jackdaw, Bohemian Waxwing, Eurasian Jay, Eurasian Jay, Rustic Bunting, Long-tailed Tit, Brambling, Daurian Jackdaw, Daurian Jackdaw, Baikal Bullfinch, White-cheeked Starling, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Red-throated Thrush, Fieldfare.

2023-10-21. Aleksei Kungurov: Song Thrush, Black-Billed Magpie, Black-Billed Magpie, Aleksey Bolshakov: Common Treecreeper, Long-tailed Tit, Olga Nemezhikova: House Sparrow, Victor Khamin: Black-Billed Magpie, Vladimir Maer: Long-tailed Tit.

2023-10-20. Aleksandra Nikolaeva: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Cormorant, Aleksey Bolshakov: Bohemian Waxwing, Azure Tit, Alexey Denisov: Peregrine Falcon, Bewick's Swan, Andrey Borodkin: Black Woodpecker, Andrey Chernykh: Blue Tit, Kotlyarov Stanislav: Griffon Vulture, Maxim Afanasiev: Common Starling, Natalia Vorobyova: Green Sandpiper, Marsh Sandpiper, Tatiana Semenova: Red-flanked Bluetail, Baikal Bullfinch, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Victor Khamin: Pine Grosbeak.

2023-10-19. Aleksei Kungurov: Northern Wheatear, Eurasian Linnet, Eurasian Linnet, Aleksey Bolshakov: Bohemian Waxwing, Natalia Vorobyova: Garganey, Northern Pintail, Marsh Sandpiper, Merlin, Ruff, Pallas's Gull, Temminck's Stint, Oleg Davydov: Eurasian Nuthatch, Olga Fattakhova: Spotted Nutcracker, Goldcrest, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Eurasian Pygmy-Owl, Northern Goshawk, Eurasian Pygmy-Owl, Sergey Chumakov: Northern Hazelhen, Victor Khamin: Naumann's Thrush, Meadow Bunting, Daurian Jackdaw, Rustic Bunting, Dusky Thrush, Baikal Bullfinch, White-Backed Woodpecker, Brambling, Bohemian Waxwing, Black-Billed Magpie, Hawfinch, Eurasian Nuthatch.

2023-10-18. Jura Janke: Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Buzzard, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Pallid Harrier, Great Tit, Northern Bullfinch, Eurasian Goldfinch, Maxim Afanasiev: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Victor Khamin: Eurasian Siskin, Chestnut-cheeked Starling, Northern Bullfinch, White-cheeked Starling, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Hawfinch, Black-Billed Magpie, Eurasian Collared Dove, Pallas's Rosefinch, Vladimir Maer: Common Redpoll.

2023-10-17. Aleksey Bolshakov: Bohemian Waxwing, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Elena Kleymenova: Sanderling, Merlin, Grey Heron, Little Ringed Plover, Igor Fefelov: Pacific Swift, Bohemian Waxwing, Nadejda Popova: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Natalia Vorobyova: Coal Tit, Oleg Davydov: Horned Lark, Vladimir Pankratov: Eurasian Goldfinch, White Wagtail, Black Kite, Yuriy Guzenko: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Common Chiffchaff, Common Starling, Black-Billed Magpie, Eurasian Goldfinch, Hawfinch, Crested Honey-buzzard, Siberian Jay, Black Stork, Black Woodpecker, Western Marsh-harrier, Paddyfield Warbler, Northern Black Grouse, Eurasian Redstart, Lesser Whitethroat, European Golden Oriole, Grey Partridge, Grey Partridge, Wood Pigeon, Great White Egret, Common Crane, Oriental Turtle Dove, Greater Spotted Eagle, Grey Wagtail, Common Chiffchaff, Lesser Whitethroat, Black-Necked Grebe, Common Swift.

2023-10-16. Aleksey Kuzmenok: Great Tit, Andrey Bazdyrev: Isabelline Wheatear, Peregrine Falcon, Common Quail, Isabelline Shrike, Carrion Crow, Maksim Volkov: Great Tit, Nikita Yablokov: Grey Wagtail, Oleg Davydov: Eurasian Goldfinch, Horned Lark, Fieldfare, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Great Tit, Eurasian Nuthatch, Bohemian Waxwing, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Fieldfare, Victor Khamin: Oriental Turtle Dove, Eurasian Collared Dove, Vjacheslav Liutin: Common Treecreeper, Great Tit, Vladimir Maer: White-Backed Woodpecker.

2023-10-15. Aleksei Kungurov: Horned Lark, Aleksey Kuzmenok: Eurasian Nuthatch, Andrey Bazdyrev: Lesser Kestrel, Grey Plover, Merlin, Upland Buzzard, Upland Buzzard, Upland Buzzard, Vega (Mongolian) Gull, Horned Lark, Golden Eagle, Pied Wheatear, Igor Fefelov: Pied Wheatear, Nadejda Popova: Naumann's Thrush, Dusky Thrush, Dusky Thrush, Red-throated Thrush, Red-throated Thrush, Olga Fattakhova: Grey Heron, Red-crested Pochard, Great Cormorant, Pére David's Snowfinch, Pére David's Snowfinch, Pavel Karplyuk: Great Grey Shrike, Valerii Bogdanovich: Northern Goshawk, Siberian Accentor, Vasily Stashiba: Long-tailed Rosefinch, Victor Khamin: Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Taiga Flycatcher, Vladimir Pankratov: Common Kingfisher, Grey Heron, European Greenfinch, Common Chiffchaff, Common Sparrowhawk, Oriental Turtle Dove, Common Buzzard, Ruff, Temminck's Stint, Little Stint, Black-tailed Godwit, Common Goldeneye, Northern Shoveler, Red-necked Phalarope, Common Teal, Demoiselle Crane.

2023-10-14. Aleksei Kungurov: Mallard, Aleksey Kuzmenok: Rock Pigeon, Andrey Bazdyrev: Common Starling, Northern Grey Shrike, Red-throated Thrush, Red-flanked Bluetail, Eurasian Three-Toed Woodpecker, Siberian Tit, Lapland Longspur, White-winged Scoter, Spotted Nutcracker, Black-Billed Magpie, Rook, Whooper Swan, Northern Wheatear, Desert Wheatear, Red-breasted Merganser, Bar-headed Goose, Brown Accentor, Twite, Solitary Snipe, Willow Ptarmigan, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Rock Ptarmigan, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Great Rosefinch, Black-faced Bunting, Andrey Chernykh: Great Grey Shrike, Meadow Pipit, Eurasian Goldfinch, Nikita Yablokov: Dusky Thrush, Olga Fattakhova: Merlin, Oriental Turtle Dove, Red-crested Pochard, Rock Sparrow, Hill Pigeon, Red-billed Chough, Barn Swallow, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Black-throated Thrush, Yellow-browed Warbler, Upland Buzzard, House Sparrow, Brown Accentor, Eversmann's Redstart, Wood Pigeon, Eurasian Nuthatch, Red-flanked Bluetail, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Victor Khamin: Dusky Thrush, Long-tailed Tit, Pine Bunting, Pine Bunting, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Tit, Pallas's Rosefinch, Brambling, Black-throated Thrush, Naumann's Thrush, Red-throated Thrush, Hawfinch, Hawfinch, Common Starling, Brambling, Black-Billed Magpie, Meadow Bunting, Marsh Tit, House Sparrow, White-cheeked Starling, White-cheeked Starling, Red-throated Thrush, Tree Sparrow, Meadow Bunting, Meadow Bunting, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Tree Sparrow, Daurian Partridge, Vladimir Maer: Rough-legged Buzzard.

2023-10-13. Elena Bobachenko: Common Gull, Elena Kleymenova: Goosander, Arctic Loon, Great Cormorant, Mallard, White-winged Scoter, Tufted Duck, Whooper Swan, Red-backed Shrike, Demoiselle Crane, Little Gull, Slavonian Grebe, Eurasian Wigeon, Pied Avocet, Red-crested Pochard, Upland Buzzard, Curlew Sandpiper, Red-necked Phalarope, Little Stint, Black-headed Gull, Evgeny Karachakov: Meadow Bunting, Yellow Wagtail, Common Stonechat, Grey Heron, Song Thrush, Common Rosefinch, Common Buzzard, Hera Iceberg: Northern Bullfinch, Mallard, Azure Tit, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Common Redpoll, Olga Fattakhova: Spotted Nutcracker, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Yellowhammer, Tufted Duck, Black-throated Thrush, Upland Buzzard, Hill Pigeon, Steppe Eagle, Lammergeier, Cinereous Vulture, Saker Falcon, Horned Lark, Yellow-billed Chough, Red-billed Chough, Pine Bunting, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Common Sparrowhawk, Great Crested Grebe, European Greenfinch, Sky Lark, Azure Tit, Saker Falcon, Water Pipit, Northern Goshawk, Twite, Tatiana Semenova: Bohemian Waxwing.

2023-10-12. Aleksey Bolshakov: Mallard, Mallard, Andrey Bazdyrev: Eversmann's Redstart, Mistle Thrush, Water Pipit, Grey-headed Goldfinch, Hybrid Goldfinch, Eurasian Hobby, Eastern Buzzard, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Tree Sparrow, Black-Billed Magpie, Godlewski's Bunting, Common Kestrel, Masked Wagtail, Black Redstart, Common Starling, Eurasian Linnet, Meadow Bunting, Andrey Borodkin: Northern Hazelhen, Andrey Chernykh: Greater White-fronted Goose, Elena Kleymenova: Sky Lark, Evgeny Karachakov: Northern Pintail, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Hera Iceberg: Long-tailed Rosefinch, Fieldfare, Common Goldeneye, Long-tailed Tit, Common Gull, Igor Fefelov: Tufted Duck, Northern Shoveler, Great Cormorant, Mihail Ivanov: Dusky Thrush, Grey Heron, Great Cormorant, Grey Wagtail, Tatiana Semenova: Northern Black Grouse, Common Goldeneye, Common Kestrel, Fieldfare, Vladimir Maer: Tree Sparrow, Long-tailed Rosefinch.

2023-10-11. Andrei Panov: Siberian Jay, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Andrey Bazdyrev: Common Kingfisher, Eurasian Jay, Siberian Tit, Olga Nemezhikova: House Sparrow, Vladimir Pankratov: Little Stint, Terek Sandpiper, Common Snipe, Black-headed Gull, Black-Necked Grebe, Red-necked Phalarope, Little Ringed Plover, Green Sandpiper, Upland Buzzard, Greater Spotted Eagle.

2023-10-10. Aleksey Kuzmenok: White Wagtail, Alexey Bukin: Great Tit, Tree Sparrow, Tree Sparrow, Andrey Borodkin: Western Capercaillie, Eurasian Three-Toed Woodpecker, Coal Tit, Andrey Chernykh: Blue Tit, Hen Harrier, Slavonian Grebe, Evgeny Karachakov: Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Hera Iceberg: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Fieldfare, Common Raven, Peregrine Falcon, Common Goldeneye, Mihail Ivanov: Olive-backed Pipit, Northern Bullfinch, Nadia Goncharova: Eurasian Wigeon, Rustic Bunting, Natalia Vorobyova: Northern Wheatear, Nikita Yablokov: Blyth's Reed Warbler, Tatiana Semenova: Common Gull, Vjacheslav Liutin: Long-tailed Tit, Eurasian Jay, Coal Tit.

2023-10-09. Aleksei Kungurov: Eurasian Nuthatch, Eurasian Nuthatch, Alexey Bukin: Great Tit, Tree Sparrow, Andrey Borodkin: Common Treecreeper, Common Redpoll, Common Redpoll, Eurasian Jay, Anna Vasilchenko: Greater White-fronted Goose, Bean Goose, Hen Harrier, Elena Bobachenko: Hume's Warbler, Elena Kleymenova: Common Whitethroat, Spotted Flycatcher, Lesser Whitethroat, Richard's Pipit, Demoiselle Crane, Richard's Pipit, Mistle Thrush, Common Cuckoo, Hoopoe, Pied Wheatear, Spotted Flycatcher, Eastern Buzzard, Pine Bunting, Ruff, Oleg Davydov: Great Tit, Bohemian Waxwing, Great Tit, Black-throated Thrush, Svetlana Vasilkova: Guldenstadt's Redstart, Cinereous Vulture, Red-billed Chough, Red-flanked Bluetail, Whooper Swan, Eurasian Dipper, Arctic Tern, Yellow-billed Loon, Tatiana Semenova: Bewick's Swan, Common Goldeneye, Common Coot, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Azure Tit, Daurian Partridge, Daurian Jackdaw, Rook, Vasily Stashiba: Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Common Raven, Tree Sparrow, Vladimir Pankratov: Wood Sandpiper, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, Sedge Warbler, Great White Egret, Paddyfield Warbler, Little Ringed Plover, Black-tailed Godwit, Ruff, Paddyfield Warbler.

2023-10-08. Aleksey Bolshakov: Azure-winged Magpie, Tree Sparrow, Brambling, Hawfinch, Red-throated Thrush, Black-throated Thrush, Andrey Borodkin: Eurasian Goldfinch, Bohemian Waxwing, Andrey Chernykh: Saker Falcon, Dmitry Dubikovskiy: Common Goldeneye, Tree Sparrow, Great Tit, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Bearded Tit, Azure Tit, Grey Heron, Northern Shoveler, Tufted Duck, Northern Bullfinch, Eurasian Pygmy-Owl, Goldcrest, Common Treecreeper, Eurasian Siskin, Willow Tit, Northern Hazelhen, Spotted Nutcracker, Common Redpoll, Northern Grey Shrike, Northern Wheatear, Elena Bobachenko: Siberian Rubythroat, Eurasian Crag Martin, Spotted Nutcracker, Black Redstart, White-winged Scoter, Northern Reed Bunting, Common Stonechat, Grey Wagtail, Northern Reed Bunting, Smew, Common Goldeneye, Red-throated Thrush, Black-throated Thrush, Vega (Mongolian) Gull, Hill Pigeon, Common Rosefinch, Isabelline Shrike, Hoopoe, Grey-headed Goldfinch, Hume's Warbler, House Sparrow, Elena Kleymenova: Eurasian Siskin, Common Redpoll, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Common Chiffchaff, Redwing, Black-tailed Godwit, Peregrine Falcon, Pallid Harrier, Common Teal, Little Stint, Evgeny Karachakov: Demoiselle Crane, Hera Iceberg: Eurasian Goldfinch, Eurasian Jackdaw, Tree Sparrow, Fieldfare, Eurasian Goldfinch, Igor Kuzmin: White Wagtail, White Wagtail, Wood Sandpiper, Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Arctic Tern, Siberian Black-backed Gull, Northern Wheatear, Fieldfare, Nadejda Popova: Red-breasted Goose, Tatiana Semenova: Red-flanked Bluetail, Victor Khamin: Siberian Accentor, Rustic Bunting, Great Grey Shrike, Great Grey Shrike, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Azure-winged Magpie, Pine Bunting, Pine Bunting, Vladimir Pankratov: Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Grey Plover, Wood Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Temminck's Stint, Little Stint, Temminck's Stint, Common Snipe, Wood Sandpiper, Temminck's Stint.

2023-10-07. Aleksei Kungurov: Rough-legged Buzzard, Rough-legged Buzzard, Aleksey Bolshakov: Fieldfare, Azure-winged Magpie, Andrey Borodkin: Fieldfare, Black-throated Thrush, Long-tailed Tit, Anna Vasilchenko: Siberian Accentor, Dmitry Nizovtsev: Tree Pipit, Blue Tit, Grey Wagtail, Elena Bobachenko: Steppe Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Upland Buzzard, Steppe Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Upland Buzzard, Common Raven, Golden Eagle, Cinereous Vulture, Evgeny Karachakov: Azure Tit, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Eurasian Pygmy-Owl, Ural Owl, Long-tailed Tit, Northern Bullfinch, Great Tit, Black-Billed Magpie, Siberian Jay, Igor Kuzmin: Wood Sandpiper, Spotted Redshank, Temminck's Stint, Spotted Redshank, Konstantin Davydik: Bar-headed Goose, Mistle Thrush, Mihail Ivanov: Eastern Buzzard, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nikita Yablokov: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Horned Lark, Whooper Swan, Lapland Longspur, Northern Wheatear, Common Chaffinch, Red-flanked Bluetail, Long-tailed Tit, Bean Goose, Common Buzzard, Western Capercaillie, Northern Grey Shrike, Pavel Karplyuk: Common Sparrowhawk, Tatiana Semenova: Long-tailed Rosefinch, Daurian Redstart, Vladimir Kuzmin: Willow Ptarmigan, Garganey, Rough-legged Buzzard, Black Scoter, Vladimir Pankratov: Black-headed Gull, Black-tailed Godwit, Common Greenshank, Ruddy Turnstone, Great Cormorant, Western Marsh-harrier, Northern Lapwing, Common Teal, Marsh Sandpiper, Black-winged Stilt.

2023-10-06. Andrey Bazdyrev: Greater Spotted Eagle, Common Pochard, Tufted Duck, Common Coot, Mallard, Red-backed Shrike, Common Cuckoo, Pacific Golden Plover, Spotted Redshank, Little Gull, Common Cuckoo, Anna Vasilchenko: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Smew, Daurian Jackdaw, Evgeny Karachakov: Pine Grosbeak, Pine Grosbeak, Upland Buzzard, Common Kestrel, Bohemian Waxwing, Common Starling, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Bar-headed Goose, Hera Iceberg: Ural Owl, Common Sparrowhawk, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Igor Kuzmin: Siberian Black-backed Gull, Eastern Yellow Wagtail, White Wagtail, Spotted Redshank, Ruff, Red-necked Phalarope, Willow Ptarmigan, Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Siberian Black-backed Gull, Ruff, Pallas's Reed Bunting, Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Red-throated Pipit, Red-throated Pipit, Ruff, Temminck's Stint, Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Spotted Redshank, Greater Ringed Plover, Bluethroat, Jura Janke: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Great Tit, Eurasian Nuthatch, House Sparrow, Katya Tsekhmister: Greater Spotted Eagle, Song Thrush, Eurasian Siskin, Common Chiffchaff, Eurasian Jay, White-Backed Woodpecker, Maxim Afanasiev: Red-Necked Grebe, Olga Nemezhikova: Siberian Black-backed Gull, Tatiana Semenova: Smew, Common Gull, Common Gull, Pallas's Reed Bunting, Common Coot, Great Crested Grebe, Common Goldeneye, Meadow Bunting, Grey Heron, Hen Harrier, Vasily Stashiba: White-Backed Woodpecker, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.

2023-10-05. Andrey Bazdyrev: Common Buzzard, Eurasian Hobby, Wood Sandpiper, Black-winged Stilt, Dunlin, White-winged Tern, Greylag Goose, Andrey Borodkin: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Andrey Chernykh: Yellowhammer, Dmitry Dubikovskiy: Siberian Black-backed Gull, Smew, Common Goldeneye, Maxim Afanasiev: Common Kestrel, Northern Grey Shrike, Mihail Ivanov: Dusky Thrush, Black-throated Thrush, Red-throated Thrush, Nadejda Popova: Whooper Swan, Bewick's Swan, Olga Nemezhikova: Rock Pigeon, Tatiana Semenova: Whooper Swan, Bewick's Swan, Great Crested Grebe, Spotted Redshank, Buff-bellied Pipit, Valerii Bogdanovich: Eastern Buzzard, Dusky Thrush, Daurian Redstart, Meadow Bunting, Vladimir Kuzmin: Mallard.

2023-10-04. Andrey Bazdyrev: Common Teal, Terek Sandpiper, Temminck's Stint, Western Marsh-harrier, Northern Reed Bunting, Common Kestrel, Little Ringed Plover, Greater Ringed Plover, Anna Vasilchenko: Northern Grey Shrike, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Elena Kleymenova: Northern House Martin, Richard's Pipit, Red-backed Shrike, Common Rosefinch, Willow Tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Hume's Warbler, Common Chiffchaff, Common Rosefinch, Demoiselle Crane, Hume's Warbler, Pine Bunting, Song Thrush, Common Cuckoo, Northern Wheatear, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Red-backed Shrike, Isabelline Wheatear, Eurasian Dipper, Oriental Cuckoo, Black-throated Accentor, Coal Tit, Spotted Flycatcher, Masked Wagtail, Common Sandpiper, Northern Bullfinch, Steppe Eagle, Red-backed Shrike, Red Crossbill, Ortolan Bunting, Siberian Flycatcher, Siberian Flycatcher, Spotted Flycatcher, Grey-headed Goldfinch, Hera Iceberg: Black-throated Thrush, Long-tailed Tit, Fieldfare, Maxim Afanasiev: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Mihail Ivanov: Pallas's Rosefinch, Grey Heron, White Wagtail, Nadejda Popova: Rustic Bunting, Oleg Davydov: House Sparrow, Tatiana Semenova: Northern Goshawk, Vasily Stashiba: Northern Hazelhen, Vera Krasilnikova: Grey Heron, Steppe Eagle.

2023-10-03. Andrey Bazdyrev: Common Starling, Greater Spotted Eagle, Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Pallas's Gull, Terek Sandpiper, Little Stint, Common Sandpiper, Ruff, Eurasian Curlew, Andrey Borodkin: Baikal Bullfinch, Dmitry Porshnev: Sedge Warbler, Hera Iceberg: Common Chiffchaff, Igor Fefelov: House Sparrow, Jura Janke: Song Thrush, Mistle Thrush, Eurasian Three-Toed Woodpecker, Common Sparrowhawk, Common Sparrowhawk, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Maxim Afanasiev: Rough-legged Buzzard, Great Grey Owl, Common Snipe, Common Snipe, Nadejda Popova: Northern Shoveler, Meadow Bunting, Northern Lapwing, Horned Lark, Common Starling, Oleg Davydov: Bohemian Waxwing, Common Moorhen, Northern Wheatear, Northern Wheatear, Eurasian Redstart, Horned Lark, Olga Nemezhikova: Marsh Tit, Vasily Stashiba: Yellowhammer, Rock Pigeon.

2023-10-02. Alexey Bukin: Eurasian Jackdaw, Great Tit, Black-Billed Magpie, Hooded Crow, Rock Pigeon, Eurasian Nuthatch, Andrey Borodkin: Northern Hazelhen, Rustic Bunting, Andrey Chernykh: Mistle Thrush, Anna Vasilchenko: Red-throated Thrush, Dmitry Dubikovskiy: Common Treecreeper, Common Coot, Great Cormorant, Siberian Black-backed Gull, Common Chiffchaff, Common Chiffchaff, Elena Fedotova: Pallas's Warbler, Elena Kleymenova: Bean Goose, Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Rustic Bunting, Great Grey Shrike, Hera Iceberg: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Eurasian Three-Toed Woodpecker, Eurasian Nuthatch, White-Backed Woodpecker, Ira Han: Siberian Stonechat, Eurasian Goldfinch, Eurasian Nuthatch, Katya Tsekhmister: Goldcrest, Pine Bunting, Sky Lark, White-Backed Woodpecker, Mew Gull, Great Grey Shrike, Northern Reed Bunting, Mute Swan, Maria Demina: Great Cormorant, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Rustic Bunting, Mihail Ivanov: Oriental Cuckoo, Rook, Eastern Buzzard, Nadejda Popova: Olive-backed Pipit, Green Sandpiper, Hen Harrier, Temminck's Stint, Pine Bunting, Pied Wheatear, Pied Wheatear, Saker Falcon, Brambling, Nina Shteinbrenner: Siberian Black-backed Gull, Northern Reed Bunting, Bearded Tit, Dalmatian Pelican, Greater Spotted Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Hawfinch, Northern Wheatear, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Great Grey Shrike, Bean Goose, Spotted Nutcracker, Red Crossbill, Coal Tit, Northern Bullfinch, Horned Lark, Northern Hazelhen, Red-flanked Bluetail, European Robin, Olga Nemezhikova: Common Treecreeper, Pavel Karplyuk: Pale Sand Martin, Rodi Vakhrushev: Greater White-fronted Goose, Tatiana Semenova: Rustic Bunting, Vladimir Maer: Baraba Steppe Gull.

2023-10-01. Alexey Bukin: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Black-Billed Magpie, Andrey Bazdyrev: Booted Eagle, Pallas's Warbler, Pine Grosbeak, Meadow Bunting, Anna Vasilchenko: Hen Harrier, Hawfinch, Yellow-browed Warbler, Meadow Bunting, Common Sparrowhawk, Denis Jukov: Greater Ringed Plover, Northern Pintail, Northern Shoveler, Azure Tit, Northern Reed Bunting, Northern Wheatear, Tufted Duck, Common Goldeneye, Common Pochard, Elena Bobachenko: Pallas's Warbler, Maksim Volkov: Common Goldeneye, Maxim Afanasiev: Pin-tailed Snipe, Mihail Ivanov: Azure-winged Magpie, Oriental Cuckoo, Natalia Vorobyova: Great Grey Shrike, Black Kite, Pavel Karplyuk: Eastern Imperial Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Rodi Vakhrushev: Whooper Swan, Bewick's Swan, Bean Goose, Tatiana Semenova: Northern Reed Bunting, Daurian Redstart, Little Bunting, Vjacheslav Liutin: Eurasian Jay, Vladimir Kuzmin: Willow Ptarmigan, Vladimir Maer: Common Kestrel, Mallard.

2023-09-30. Aleksey Bolshakov: Mallard, Gadwall, Alexander Popov: White's Thrush, Hera Iceberg: Northern Wheatear, Eurasian Siskin, Hooded Crow, Common Gull, Eurasian Jackdaw, Nadejda Popova: Common Greenshank, Little Ringed Plover, Daurian Jackdaw, Black Stork, Grey Heron, Spotted Redshank, Northern Lapwing, Saker Falcon, Yellow-browed Warbler, Brown Shrike, Oleg Popov: Ural Owl, Tatiana Semenova: Grey-Headed Woodpecker, Brambling, Naumann's Thrush, Vjacheslav Liutin: Song Thrush.

2023-09-29. Alexander Rausch: Eurasian Jay, House Sparrow, Andrey Bazdyrev: Spotted Nutcracker, Northern House Martin, Siberian Stonechat, Masked Wagtail, Barn Swallow, Common Rosefinch, Brown Shrike, Western Capercaillie, Brown Shrike, Siberian Stonechat, Anna Vasilchenko: Common Kingfisher, Naumann's Thrush, Oriental Greenfinch, Whooper Swan, Common Crane, Nadejda Popova: Brambling, Red-throated Pipit, Oleg Davydov: Great Tit, Fieldfare, House Sparrow, Olga Nemezhikova: Masked Wagtail, Rodi Vakhrushev: Red-billed Chough, Steppe Eagle, Eastern Buzzard, Little Bunting, Valerii Bogdanovich: Hawfinch, Dusky Thrush, Red-flanked Bluetail, Marsh Tit, Pallas's Warbler.

2023-09-28. Aleksey Bolshakov: Black Woodpecker, Andrey Bazdyrev: Chinese Spot-billed Duck, Spotted Flycatcher, Black Kite, Pale Sand Martin, Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Eurasian Wryneck, Common Whitethroat, Siberian Rubythroat, Blyth's Reed Warbler, Swinhoe's Robin, Pallas's Warbler, Blyth's Reed Warbler, Lanceolated Warbler, Dusky Warbler, Crested Honey-buzzard, Common Kingfisher, Olive-backed Pipit, Dusky Warbler, Siberian Stonechat, Brown Shrike, Brown Shrike, Long-eared Owl, Radde's Warbler, Olive-backed Pipit, Asian Brown Flycatcher, Igor Fefelov: Red-throated Thrush, Azure Tit, Common Raven, Great Cormorant, Konstantin Davydik: Eurasian Linnet, Maria Demina: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Grey Heron, Grey Heron, Nadejda Popova: Black-Billed Magpie, Temminck's Stint, Vega (Mongolian) Gull, Eurasian Jay, Spotted Redshank, Grey Heron, Eastern Marsh-harrier, Olga Fattakhova: Yellowhammer, Long-tailed Tit, Eurasian Jay, Olga Nemezhikova: Mallard, Tatiana Semenova: Gadwall, Common Gull, Red-throated Thrush, Fieldfare, Osprey, Great Cormorant, Goosander, Vega Gull, Mallard, Hill Pigeon.

2023-09-27. Andrey Chernykh: Meadow Pipit, Meadow Pipit, Peregrine Falcon, Elena Kleymenova: Corncrake, Sand Martin, Demoiselle Crane, Richard's Pipit, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Wood Sandpiper, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Konstantin Davydik: Paddyfield Warbler, Lammergeier, Mihail Ivanov: White's Thrush, Little Bunting, Nadejda Popova: Lesser Whitethroat, Little Stint, Brown Shrike, Oleg Davydov: Bohemian Waxwing, Bohemian Waxwing, Common Moorhen, Olga Nemezhikova: Tree Sparrow, Sergey Chumakov: Northern Wheatear, Yuliya Shalamova: Greater Spotted Eagle, Red-backed Shrike.

2023-09-26. Aleksey Bolshakov: Red-throated Thrush, Alexander Rausch: Red-flanked Bluetail, Spotted Nutcracker, Andrey Chernykh: Pallas's Warbler, Elena Kleymenova: Black Stork, Black Stork, Common Swift, Sand Martin, Northern House Martin, Tree Pipit, Red-backed Shrike, Grey Wagtail, Barn Swallow, Black Kite, Spotted Nutcracker, Rock Pigeon, Hybrid Bunting, Blyth's Reed Warbler, Common Stonechat, Northern Wheatear, Western Grasshopper Warbler, Gadwall, Common Snipe, Ortolan Bunting, Horned Lark, Ortolan Bunting, Pine Grosbeak, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Tree Pipit, Carrion Crow, Eurasian Wryneck, Oriental Cuckoo, Common Cuckoo, Black-throated Thrush, Hera Iceberg: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Willow Tit, Common Treecreeper, Igor Fefelov: Eastern Imperial Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Konstantin Davydik: Bluethroat, Bluethroat, Water Pipit, Booted Warbler, Nina Shteinbrenner: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, Pine Bunting, Great White Egret, Common Crane, Rook, Bewick's Swan, Great Cormorant, Eurasian Jackdaw, Common Stonechat, White-headed Duck, Pavel Karplyuk: Common Goldeneye, Vega Gull, Tufted Duck, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Vasily Stashiba: Hybrid Bunting, Yellowhammer.

2023-09-25. Aleksey Bolshakov: Black-throated Thrush, Andrey Borodkin: Great Spotted Woodpecker, Anna Vasilchenko: Daurian Redstart, Red-throated Thrush, Northern Goshawk, Northern Lapwing, White-cheeked Starling, Elena Bobachenko: Masked Wagtail, Elena Kleymenova: Red-necked Phalarope, Evgeny Karachakov: Steppe Eagle, Hera Iceberg: Song Thrush, Fieldfare, Great Tit, Igor Fefelov: Gadwall, Mallard, Irina Kruglova: Meadow Bunting, Temminck's Stint, Irirna Ganochenko: Song Thrush, Jura Janke: Common Chaffinch, Eurasian Wigeon, Eurasian Wigeon, Mallard, Common Goldeneye, Smew, Smew, Mew Gull, Mew Gull, Mew Gull, Mew Gull, Nina Shteinbrenner: European Nightjar, European Nightjar, European Nightjar, European Nightjar, Oleg Davydov: House Sparrow, Fieldfare, Olga Nemezhikova: Common Chiffchaff, Vasily Stashiba: Spotted Nutcracker, Brambling.

2023-09-24. Aleksey Bolshakov: Daurian Redstart, Black-Billed Magpie, Elena Bobachenko: Bar-headed Goose, Merlin, Great Cormorant, Twite, Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush, Water Pipit, Richard's Pipit, Igor Fefelov: Eastern Buzzard, Common Chaffinch, Great Cormorant, Goosander, Black Stork, Vladimir Kuzmin: Eurasian Three-Toed Woodpecker.

2023-09-23. Anna Vasilchenko: Lapland Longspur, Pallas's Reed Bunting, Northern Black Grouse, Azure-winged Magpie, Evgeny Karachakov: Eastern Imperial Eagle, Irirna Ganochenko: Common Chaffinch, Yellowhammer, Fieldfare, Brambling, Konstantin Davydik: Goldcrest, Common Starling, Bluethroat, Nadezhda Bogomyakova: Eurasian Woodcock, Montagu's Harrier, Olga Nemezhikova: Siberian Black-backed Gull.

2023-09-22. Andrey Borodkin: Goosander, Common Goldeneye, Evgeny Karachakov: Golden Eagle, Hera Iceberg: Northern Wheatear, Rustic Bunting, Spotted Nutcracker, Yellowhammer, Eurasian Nuthatch, Katya Tsekhmister: Northern Reed Bunting, Brambling, Northern Reed Bunting, Song Thrush, Mihail Ivanov: Eastern Buzzard, Olga Nemezhikova: Goosander, Sergey Chumakov: Common Stonechat, Valerii Bogdanovich: Yellow-browed Bunting, Victor Khamin: Common Redshank, Grey Heron, Hen Harrier, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Vladimir Kuzmin: White-winged Crossbill, Common Raven.

2023-09-21. Anna Vasilchenko: Hen Harrier, Pallas's Warbler, Elena Kleymenova: Marsh Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, Jura Janke: Brambling, Rustic Bunting, Eurasian Nuthatch, Common Chiffchaff, Mihail Ivanov: White's Thrush, Oleg Davydov: House Sparrow, Whooper Swan, Mallard, Mallard, Olga Fattakhova: Common Sparrowhawk, Grey Heron, Common Chiffchaff, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Olga Nemezhikova: Great Crested Grebe, Sergey Chumakov: Common Raven, Valerii Bogdanovich: Siberian Accentor, Brambling, Victor Khamin: Greater Spotted Eagle, Grey Heron, Great Cormorant, White-naped Crane.

2023-09-20. Andrey Borodkin: Common Raven, Common Chiffchaff, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Andrey Chernykh: Eurasian Redstart, Eurasian Redstart, Anna Vasilchenko: Lapland Longspur, Evgeny Karachakov: Cinereous Vulture, Spotted Nutcracker, Mihail Ivanov: Common Sparrowhawk, Eastern Buzzard, Rook, Nadejda Popova: Common Greenshank, Oleg Davydov: Hybrid Bunting, Oleg Popov: Black Woodpecker, Olga Nemezhikova: Little Bunting, Victor Khamin: White-naped Crane, Northern Lapwing, Whooper Swan, Great Crested Grebe, Vladimir Kuzmin: Siberian Tit.

2023-09-19. Aleksey Bolshakov: Grey Heron, Great Cormorant, Eurasian Hobby, Andrey Borodkin: Long-tailed Tit, Andrey Chernykh: Red-flanked Bluetail, Goldcrest, Anna Vasilchenko: Brambling, Spotted Redshank, Oriental Turtle Dove, Pine Bunting, Common Starling, Yellow-browed Bunting, Dmitry Nizovtsev: Spotted Flycatcher, Evgeny Karachakov: Lammergeier, Hera Iceberg: Tree Sparrow, Grey Heron, Mihail Ivanov: Lapland Longspur, Nadejda Popova: Northern Shoveler, Common Raven, Black Kite, Brambling, Black-throated Thrush, Red-throated Thrush, Common Stonechat, Richard's Pipit, Black-faced Bunting, Hill Pigeon, Natalia Vorobyova: Eurasian Honey-Buzzard, Rook, Oleg Davydov: Barn Swallow, Black Kite, Olga Nemezhikova: Masked Wagtail, Pavel Karplyuk: Isabelline Shrike, Bluethroat, Water Pipit, Water Pipit, Hen Harrier, Vasily Stashiba: Black-Billed Magpie, Pallas's Reed Bunting, Eurasian Goldfinch, Hen Harrier.

2023-09-18. Aleksey Bolshakov: Daurian Redstart, Coal Tit, Little Bunting, Andrey Chernykh: Rustic Bunting, Baikova Olga: Cinereous Vulture, Red-billed Chough, Northern Hazelhen, Denis Jukov: Common Chiffchaff, Hawfinch, Great Cormorant, Common Crane, Dmitry Dubikovskiy: Common Chiffchaff, European Robin, Rustic Bunting, Pallas's Warbler, European Robin, Red-flanked Bluetail, European Robin, Brambling, Red-throated Pipit, Bearded Tit, Northern Reed Bunting, Bearded Tit, Common Chiffchaff, Peregrine Falcon, Bean Goose, Hen Harrier, Dmitry Nizovtsev: Common Goldeneye, Wood Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Common Greenshank, Brambling, Northern Shoveler, Smew, Pied Flycatcher, Willow Warbler, Common Whitethroat, Blyth's Reed Warbler, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Common Stonechat, Sand Martin, Lesser Whitethroat, Terek Sandpiper, Katya Tsekhmister: Sky Lark, Nadejda Popova: Barn Swallow, Spotted Redshank, Common Coot, Hen Harrier, Black Kite, Bean Goose, Pacific Golden Plover, Little Stint, Wood Sandpiper, Temminck's Stint, Nadia Goncharova: Goosander, Vega (Mongolian) Gull, Brambling, Azure Tit, Great Crested Grebe, Siberian Black-backed Gull, Gadwall, Nina Shteinbrenner: Saker Falcon, Eurasian Woodcock, Oleg Davydov: Greater Spotted Eagle, Hawfinch, Eurasian Goldfinch, Tree Pipit, Common Stonechat, Eurasian Redstart, Oleg Popov: Dalmatian Pelican, Olga Nemezhikova: Black-throated Thrush, Valerii Bogdanovich: Dusky Warbler, Vladimir Kuzmin: Rustic Bunting.

2023-09-17. Alexey Bukin: House Sparrow, Elena Bobachenko: Northern Reed Bunting, Tree Sparrow, Rustic Bunting, Peregrine Falcon, Northern Reed Bunting, Elena Kleymenova: Common Kestrel, Common Starling, Common Buzzard, Great Grey Shrike, Common Crane, Goosander, Great Grey Shrike, Hera Iceberg: Lapland Longspur, Rustic Bunting, Northern Reed Bunting, Eurasian Linnet, Grey Plover, Katya Tsekhmister: Redwing, Bluethroat, Hawfinch, Azure Tit, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Fieldfare, Common Chiffchaff, Common Chiffchaff, Common Chiffchaff, Brambling, Northern Reed Bunting, Hen Harrier, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Osprey, Eurasian Three-Toed Woodpecker, Merlin, Pine Bunting, Yellowhammer, Maxim Afanasiev: Northern Bullfinch, Mihail Ivanov: Lapland Longspur, Red-flanked Bluetail, Brambling, Vladimir Kuzmin: Common Redpoll, Rustic Bunting, Vladimir Maer: Eurasian Crag Martin, Peregrine Falcon, Daurian Partridge.

2023-09-16. Aleksey Bolshakov: Brambling, Azure Tit, Eurasian Linnet, Alexey Bukin: House Sparrow, Hera Iceberg: Goosander, Great Crested Grebe, Mallard, Maksim Volkov: Horned Lark, Bean Goose, Olga Nemezhikova: Grey Heron, Pavel Karplyuk: Dunlin, Temminck's Stint, Desert Wheatear, Water Pipit, Valerii Bogdanovich: White-Backed Woodpecker, Northern Bullfinch, Pallas's Warbler, Dusky Warbler, Yellow-browed Warbler, Taiga Flycatcher, Black-faced Bunting, Little Bunting, Olive-backed Pipit, Common Sparrowhawk, Siberian Rubythroat.

2023-09-15. Alexander Rausch: White-Backed Woodpecker, Alexey Bukin: Great Tit, Dmitry Dubikovskiy: Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Black-faced Bunting, Great Crested Grebe, Grey Heron, Dmitry Nizovtsev: Common Teal, Long-tailed Rosefinch, Siberian Rubythroat, Common Moorhen, Blyth's Reed Warbler, Common Whitethroat, Eurasian Nuthatch, Grey Heron, Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Black Kite, Common Sandpiper, Common Kingfisher, Northern Hazelhen, Pied Flycatcher, Booted Eagle, Nadejda Popova: Hen Harrier, Black Kite, Ruddy Shelduck, Black Kite, Lapland Longspur, Barn Swallow, Barn Swallow, Common Snipe, Spotted Redshank, Hawfinch, Barn Swallow, Little Bunting, Common Coot, Common Gull, Taiga Flycatcher, Great Cormorant, Nadia Goncharova: Common Teal, Oleg Davydov: Tree Pipit, Garden Warbler, Olga Nemezhikova: Masked Wagtail, Victor Khamin: Upland Buzzard, Upland Buzzard, Eastern Buzzard, Asian Rosy-Finch.

2023-09-14. Aleksandra Nikolaeva: Black-faced Bunting, Little Bunting, Aleksey Bolshakov: Citrine Wagtail, Eurasian Linnet, Water Pipit, Water Pipit, Water Pipit, Andrey Chernykh: Northern Hazelhen, Azure Tit, White's Thrush, Dmitry Nizovtsev: Eurasian Redstart, Mew Gull, Pacific Swift, Eurasian Honey-Buzzard, Olive-backed Pipit, Common Rosefinch, Oriental Turtle Dove, Red-footed Falcon, Hera Iceberg: Eurasian Jay, Olive-backed Pipit, Mihail Ivanov: Eastern Buzzard, Black Kite, Nadejda Popova: Yellow-browed Warbler, Little Bunting, Grey Heron, Olive-backed Pipit, Lapland Longspur, Eurasian Nuthatch, Willow Tit, Coal Tit, White's Thrush, Olga Nemezhikova: Citrine Wagtail, Sergey Chumakov: Grey Heron, Vasily Stashiba: Song Thrush, Northern Goshawk, Brambling, Common Sparrowhawk.

2023-09-13. Aleksey Bolshakov: Hen Harrier, Eurasian Hobby, Black Stork, Brambling, Barn Swallow, Alexey Pavlushkin: Long-tailed Rosefinch, Irirna Ganochenko: Common Buzzard, Katya Tsekhmister: Brambling, Mihail Ivanov: Rook, Nadejda Popova: Oriental Turtle Dove, Olga Nemezhikova: White Wagtail, Sergey Chumakov: Mallard, Vladimir Kuzmin: Merlin.

2023-09-12. Aleksei Kungurov: Goldcrest, Tree Sparrow, Willow Tit, Eurasian Goldfinch, Baraba Steppe Gull, Willow Tit, Aleksey Bolshakov: Black Kite, Eastern Buzzard, Vega (Mongolian) Gull, Spotted Redshank, Tufted Duck, Common Sparrowhawk, Common Crane, Dmitry Nizovtsev: Tufted Duck, Common Oystercatcher, Great Tit, Northern Reed Bunting, Black-headed Gull, Bohemian Waxwing, Common Chiffchaff, European Robin, Red-flanked Bluetail, Eurasian Nuthatch, Siberian Accentor, Fieldfare, Redwing, Siberian Tit, Little Bunting, Elena Bobachenko: White-winged Snowfinch, Pére David's Snowfinch, Rock Sparrow, Red-billed Chough, Maksim Volkov: White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Mihail Ivanov: Brambling, Little Bunting, Nadejda Popova: Coal Tit, Brambling, Olive-backed Pipit, Common Chiffchaff, Eastern Buzzard, Pale Sand Martin, Common Goldeneye, Pavel Karplyuk: Common Chiffchaff, Vasily Stashiba: House Sparrow, Eurasian Jackdaw, Common Cuckoo, Tree Sparrow, Barn Swallow, Victor Khamin: Goosander.

2023-09-11. Aleksandra Nikolaeva: Greater Ringed Plover, Little Stint, Aleksey Bolshakov: Greater Scaup, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Andrey Chernykh: Red-throated Pipit, Elena Bobachenko: Upland Buzzard, Ruddy Shelduck, Hera Iceberg: Little Bunting, Brambling, Igor Fefelov: Black Stork, Black Kite, Eastern Buzzard, Hen Harrier, Irina Kruglova: Tree Pipit, Sergey Chumakov: Pallas's Gull, Victor Khamin: Black-headed Gull, Booted Eagle.

2023-09-10. Andrey Chernykh: Red-throated Pipit, Anna Vasilchenko: Eastern Buzzard, Black-faced Bunting, Black-faced Bunting, Eurasian Hobby, Dmitry Dubikovskiy: Common Treecreeper, Siberian Tit, Red-throated Thrush, Dusky Warbler, Water Pipit, Common Sparrowhawk, Spotted Nutcracker, Water Pipit, Steppe Eagle, Upland Buzzard, Ruddy Shelduck, Elena Bobachenko: Pallas's Sandgrouse, Horned Lark, Demoiselle Crane, Pied Avocet, Iljev Yuri: Gadwall, Katya Tsekhmister: Common Kestrel, Eurasian Redstart, Great Cormorant, Pavel Karplyuk: Yellow-browed Warbler, Common Chiffchaff, Lesser Whitethroat, Brambling, Vasily Stashiba: Common Chiffchaff, Tree Pipit, Victor Khamin: House Sparrow, Great Crested Grebe, Common Coot, Vladimir Kuzmin: Great Spotted Woodpecker.

2023-09-09. Andrey Chernykh: Isabelline Shrike, Dmitry Dubikovskiy: Little Stint, Elena Bobachenko: Daurian Partridge, Red-backed Shrike, Taiga Flycatcher, Marsh Tit, Wood Sandpiper, Pied Wheatear, Siberian Tit, Siberian Jay, Mistle Thrush, Northern Goshawk, Irina Kruglova: Common Swift, Black Kite, White Wagtail, Eurasian Nuthatch, Mihail Ivanov: Lanceolated Warbler, Rodi Vakhrushev: Osprey, Valerii Bogdanovich: Mallard, Northern Pintail, Common Teal, Black Kite, Common Greenshank, Spotted Redshank, Common Snipe, Sanderling, Northern Bullfinch.

2023-09-08. Aleksei Kungurov: Northern Wheatear, Northern Wheatear, Jura Janke: Mew Gull, Mallard, Common Moorhen, Black Kite, Nadezhda Bogomyakova: Red Crossbill, Vladimir Kuzmin: Bluethroat.

2023-09-07. Aleksei Kungurov: Rustic Bunting, Rustic Bunting, Vladimir Kuzmin: Bluethroat, Brambling.

2023-09-06. Aleksei Kungurov: Brambling, Eurasian Wigeon, Rustic Bunting, Willow Tit, Eurasian Nuthatch, Vladimir Kuzmin: Red-flanked Bluetail.

2023-09-05. Katya Tsekhmister: Red-backed Shrike, Black-headed Gull, Great Crested Grebe, Whooper Swan, Western Marsh-harrier.

2023-09-03. Aleksei Kungurov: White Wagtail, Hooded Crow, Eurasian Jackdaw, Irirna Ganochenko: White-Backed Woodpecker.

2023-08-29. Aleksei Kungurov: Mallard, Common Chaffinch, Katya Tsekhmister: Common Buzzard, Black Woodpecker, Grey-Headed Woodpecker.

2023-08-07. Irirna Ganochenko: Common Whitethroat.

2023-08-06. Katya Tsekhmister: Mute Swan, Great White Egret, Whooper Swan, Wood Sandpiper.

rare birds records

White's Thrush (Zoothera dauma)

© Sergey Chumakov

The first record of the wintering trial in the region.

Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus)

© Kotlyarov Stanislav
Sakemal. YANAO

A rare vagrant. The first record in the Yamal Peninsula and in the north of the Western Siberia.

Glaucous Gull (Larus hyperboreus)

© Elena Shnayder
Obskoye Reservoir, Novosibirsk, Russia

First record in the Novosibirsk region

Chestnut-cheeked Starling (Sturnia philippensis)

© Victor Khamin
Vicinity of Borzya, Zabaykalsky Krai

The 1st registration of the species in the Zabaikal'sky Kray; a distant vagrant from the east.

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recent video

2023-08-27. Blyth's Reed Warbler (Vasily Stashiba), Blyth's Reed Warbler (Vasily Stashiba).

2023-07-30. Great White Egret (Dmitry Dubikovskiy), Great White Egret (Dmitry Dubikovskiy), Red-crested Pochard (Dmitry Dubikovskiy), Red-crested Pochard (Dmitry Dubikovskiy).

2023-07-06. Grey-streaked Flycatcher (Ruslan Kirillin), Grey-streaked Flycatcher (Ruslan Kirillin).

2023-07-03. Olive-backed Pipit (Nadia Goncharova), Olive-backed Pipit (Nadia Goncharova), Hume's Warbler (Nadia Goncharova), Hume's Warbler (Nadia Goncharova), Pallas's Warbler (Nadia Goncharova), Pallas's Warbler (Nadia Goncharova), Pallas's Warbler (Nadia Goncharova).

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unidentified birds


Игорь Фефелов: Нет, этого точно не буду. Может пригодиться.


no any comments:


Игорь Фефелов: Ну... конек. И скорее всего лесной. Но уверенности нет, например, что не пятнистый.Вообще, как вижу, у этой модели на длинном конце объектива [....]


Игорь Фефелов: А мне как раз кажется, что те - желтоголовые (а вот эта - пока непонятно).


Игорь Фефелов: У восточных речных крачек брюшко сероватое, сильнее заметно ,чем у более западных.

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