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Black Kite

Milvus migrans (Boddaert, 1783)

Чёрный коршун

Jodro, Altai Republic.
© Sergey Pisarevskiy


Widely distributed from the extreme south of Siberia to the north of taiga zone, in summer it was recorded in forest-steppe as well. A nominative subspecies M.m.migrans in the west of Western Siberia, which has light head, yellow itris (dark in juveniles), brown (not white) coloration at base of primaries. Black-eared Kite M.m.lineatus in the most part of Siberia: head usually darker (like back), iris dark, well-expressed dark brown band goes through eye to ear zone. Birds with intermediate features can appear in the zone of contact between the subspecies.


Common, by places numerous breeding migrant. Inhabits the riparian woods and forested lakes. Appears early, from mid March to April, latest migrants observed in mid-May. Arrived singly, in small groups or in loose flocks of up to a hundred birds. Nest is built in trees, on rock shelf or in cavity, from the twigs; nest cup is lined with various soft material (hairs, rags, dry grass etc.). Nest is used usually for several years. Clutches of 2-5, usually 2-3 eggs is from mid-April to May. Female mainly incubates for 30 days; male brings food for her and later for chicks. Nestlings of different ages were found in nests from end May to end of July. Autumn migration begins in August, most active migration observed in September in loose flocks (sometimes up to several hundred birds).


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