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Common Redpoll

Acanthis flammea (Linnaeus, 1758)

Обыкновенная чечётка

Cheremushki. Khakasia.
© Sergey Chumakov


Rare breeding migrant in Altai, and common winter visitor in rest parts of Kazakhstan. Inhabits the alpine meadows with dwarf birch and larch or the cedar subalpine forests at altitudes 1850-2200 m. In winter prefers to be in the birch groves, riparian and deciduous forests, gardens, shrubs and thickets of tall weeds. No nests were found in Kazakhstan, two alarmed by the human emergence pairs observed in mid-June – end of July; the independent juveniles in broods observed in mid-July. In autumn in non-breeding areas arrives in end of September – end of October, in small flocks of 30-50, up to 100 birds. Spring migration begins in March, some spring flocks were counted up to 1000 birds. Latest migrants observed in early – mid-April.



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1. Sukhov Ilya (260)
2. Dubikovskiy Dmitry (252)
3. Belousow Mishail (216)
4. Zhbir Denis (197)
5. Romanov Konstantin (195)
6. Shteinbrenner Nina (185)
7. Chernykh Andrey (180)
8. Kochetkov Alexandr (170)
9. Pankratov Vladimir (166)
10. Samodurow Konstantin (162)


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Андрей Баздырев: Светлых каёмок на кроющих крыла и спине нет, значит взрослая. При этом ухо и перевязь очень бледные, да и вообще весь верх довольно светлый


Андрей Баздырев: Канюк, просто он выше летает.


Шевцов Дмитрий: Луговой чекан. Заметная светлая бровь, на пояснице нет просветления и вроде видны пестрины, горло охристое (на 3 фото).

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