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White-Backed Woodpecker

Dendrocopos leucotos (Bechstein, 1803)

Белоспинный дятел

Novotroitsk, Novosibirskaya Oblast.
© Sergey Pisarevskiy


Rare resident. Inhabits the deciduous or mixed pine-birch forests both on plain and in mountain at altitudes up to 1450 m. Breeds in separate pairs, nest is located in tree holes (birch, willow) at height 2-7 m above the ground. Every year bores new nesting hole, old holes not used. Clutch of 3-5 eggs is laid in end of April – early May, juveniles fledge in mid-end June.


В.К.Рябицев. "Птицы Сибири". Москва-Екатеринбург, Изд-во "Кабинетный ученый", 2014.


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